Kalan (via satellite) and the 5 other Canadian Idol winners talked to Canada AM this morning!

Of course, the first question he gets asked is still about the hair… even though it’s long gone. XD

(Unsure if this video feed will play internationally. Maybe someone will rip it?)

jinranbb Asked:
That Pennsylvanian newspaper is my university's student paper! Kalan's currently a freshman at my university (in the same class as me!). Americans didn't know who he was until his hallmates accidentally Googled him :P He's a really cool guy, you wouldn't have known his background if you weren't Canadian, which I am LOL :P I freaked out internally in my freshman seminar when he introduced himself. then we had a conversation about where we lived in Toronto :D

My Answer:

(Sorry it took so long to answer this one…my ask page was broken for a few days.)

Haha that’s really awesome! Hope he’s doing well! His Twitter has been oh so very silent.

On a side note: I am now laughing at the mental image of an “accidental Google search”.

"Oops I tripped and typed your name into the search bar!"

If anyone (aka everyone) didn’t know what Kalan was currently up to, apparently a Pennsylvanian newspaper does…


“Remember that one kid with the hair that won Canadian Idol like 8 years ago or something. Yeah I just suddenly remembered him and then found his twitter and subsequently died.”

a Kalan Porter twitter masterpost

First let us acknowledge that his twitter icon is this beauty

and his background


we’re off to a fantastic start already, excellent, let us begin

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Apologies for the lapse in posts. I got a new computer, so I had to do some major file transfers and whatnot, and then I neglected the queue.

I should have posted some sort of “sooooooon” blog, but then I just got lazy.